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“The fowl wey lay this egg na abroad dem bring am from” — Mercy Johnson laments over hike in exchange rate

Written by fazazy39

Mercy Johnson, a renowned actress, expresses her confusion about the origin of eggs, as many sellers attribute the high cost to currency fluctuations.

In a video, the actress expressed her frustration and questioned her fans about the origin of the bird that laid the expensive egg.

Mercy Johnson shared how she had planned to have breakfast but was deterred by the high prices of bread and eggs.

Considering the domestic origin of the chicken, she queried her followers about any connection between eggs and the rising value of the dollar.

In a lighthearted manner, Mercy Johnson jokingly asked the egg if its mother was overseas.

See social media reactions below…

okumaeunice: “Ask them ooo, here in Lekki, a crate of eggs is 4k. I remember those days I would buy 3 crates with 1K and still have #100 change.”

gloryakwaowo: “They fly the mother go abroad for c&s. The operation fee, egg naming and dedication, naim make the 🥚 cost.”

cezenwuba: “Mami, the cost of feed no be here oo.”

cruzy_eb: “You still get a full crate? It never reaches your side be that 😂.”

merherdeevah: “At this rate, egg and bread must be part of my sister’s bride price because I love luxury ☺️.”

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