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Security personnel come to the rescue as enthusiastic fans tear Destiny Etiko’s dress.

Written by fazazy39

After attending a worship service at the Zion Ministry church in Lagos State, Nollywood star Destiny Etiko faced an overwhelming response from ardent fans.

The fervent admirers, in their eagerness to touch the actress, caused a commotion and unintentionally tore her clothes.

Security personnel had to intervene to ensure Destiny’s safe exit from the venue.

In an Instagram video, the actress expressed gratitude for the overwhelming love and the palpable presence of God during the service. Destiny Etiko, in a post on her page, revealed that her fans, in their excitement, unintentionally tore her clothes.

Destiny Etiko shared her experience at the Zion Ministry, expressing gratitude for the powerful service. In her post, she wrote, “Today in ZION GROUND @zpmomlagos. The service was awesome and the presence of God was massively felt ❤️. Thanks for the love, everyone. God bless us all 🙏

“But una come tear my cloth o🥲🥲🥲 @relinkams_clothings my Abaya o 😭”

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