“Our wedding wasn’t hidden”-Singer Mr Eazi confirms marital status, opens up on his private wedding to Temi Otedola in Venice (Video)

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Mr Eazi, the Nigerian singer, openly declared his marriage to actress Temi Otedola in an interview with Naija 102 FM.

He dispelled rumors of a secret wedding, citing the ‘Legalise’ music video filmed in Venice as evidence.

Mr Eazi emphasized that their outfits in the video held significance, encouraging viewers to revisit it for a clear understanding of their marital status.

“Mr Eazi refutes claims of a secret wedding, directing individuals to watch the ‘Legalise’ music video filmed in Venice for answers

Watching the video provides evidence; our attire goes beyond mere costumes. The video distinctly reveals the details. Similar to painters conveying messages through their work, musicians do the same – the message becomes clear when you experience it.

See their wedding video,

Naijalegit reported that after the video and photos circulated, Temi Otedola reaffirmed her unwavering love and commitment to Mr Eazi. She declared that she wouldn’t consider marrying anyone else and emphasized that if it weren’t for Mr Eazi, she wouldn’t choose to get married.

The couple, engaged on April 10, 2022, discussed their upcoming wedding in a podcast, expressing a desire for an intimate ceremony with only close family members.

Mr Eazi highlighted his preference for privacy, sharing how he proposed to Temi in a discreet manner. Despite breakup rumors earlier in the year, Temi celebrated their sixth anniversary in February, sharing cherished moments on her Instagram page.

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