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Pretty Mike stirs controversy with his attention-grabbing entrance at an event, sparking outrage due to what some perceive as a lack of respect for women.

Written by fazazy39

Once again, socialite and Lagos club owner, Pretty Mike, is making headlines for his controversial entrance at an event. The celebrity barman arrived dressed as an underwater goddess, carrying a box with a lady inside.

In a video shared on his Instagram page, Pretty Mike is seen arriving with a traveling bag, which he later opens to reveal a lady. The woman emerges from the bag, kneels, and pays respect to him, sparking outrage, particularly due to his perceived constant belittling of women.

Comments on the video express disapproval, with one person stating, “This is one man I know that has no atom of respect for women.” Another comment questions the repetitiveness of such acts, saying, “It’s now boring. It doesn’t make sense anymore.”

Critics call for better judgment, with one remarking, “May we never become a slave to our peers nor money.” Concerns are raised about the woman’s role in the act, and one comment seeks to reach out to her parents: “Who are the parents of that girl, please? I need to have a word with them.”

There’s a broader sentiment against such behavior, emphasizing the need for societal change, as indicated by a comment saying, “But please Nigerian women stop disgracing your gender on social media. This is the reason why we need to start passing messages.”

In a more serious tone, someone expresses concern for the well-being of the lady involved, stating, “God forbid I give birth to a daughter that subjects herself to become an object of slavery action.” Lastly, there’s a call for accountability, suggesting legal consequences: “This guy supposed dey jail by now, putting a human being inside box like rapa.”

Recently, the club owner faced criticism for his inappropriate conduct at an event where he was seen engaging intimately with ladies’ derrieres in a nightclub. Displeased individuals took to social media, expressing their discontent and using derogatory terms to address the socialite.

In June, Pretty Mike once again stirred controversy when he attended comedian Warri Pikin’s wedding renewal with what appeared to be a human sacrifice. A video showed him participating in a cook-off with Chef Hilda Baci, accompanied by maids carrying ingredients on trays and boys carrying a dwarf.

Continuing his trend of unconventional appearances, Pretty Mike made another striking entrance as a one-eyed man leading the blind. Portraying himself as the “King of the Blind,” he dressed as a one-eyed individual, surrounded by a group of blindfolded ladies.

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