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Daddy Freeze questions actress Victoria Inyama about the challenges in London while also shedding light on her source of livelihood.

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Daddy Freeze has revealed details about Nollywood actress Victoria Inyama’s life in London, shedding light on her means of survival.

Via his Instagram page, the outspoken media personality made claims that the movie star was involved in a food-related altercation in London, her place of residence.

Expressing concern about the challenges of relocating to a different country, he questioned whether life was genuinely difficult for the actress.

“Emigrating isn’t a walk in the park! Breaking news!!! Victoria Inyama involved in a food dispute in London! Exclusive video coming in 30 minutes!”

“Is life in London truly this challenging?”

Several people defended her in the comments, highlighting that such struggles over food are not uncommon in London.

One Whykay Official commented, “Lol, it’s normal. I also visit a food bank every Saturday. You’ll find citizens and immigrants, even with nice cars, collecting food. In Nigeria, it’s all about the big shots oppressing people. Shior.”

One Dalinks commented, “Freeze, try to respect your senior, haba.”

One Odogwu Na Kola wrote, “In all honesty, the way Nigerians rush for food in London parties is worse than how it is in Nigeria itself.”

One Chinah Brya commented, “Victoria Inyama shouldn’t behave like that, please.”

One Gorgeous Pola wrote, “I thought Victoria Inyama was your friend?”

One Jagun Vegan wrote, “Sir, don’t drop this; it’s bad, really bad.”

One Rafiah Aminu wrote, “Cost of living in the UK right now is not a joke. The thing tire me.”

One Fabulous Gloria wrote, “It’s actually rich people who fight over food the most. Go to events and see.”

It appears Daddy Freeze was just joking, as Victoria Inyama responded with several laughing emojis in his comment section.

A few weeks back, Daddy Freeze criticized religious leaders for their silence on Big Brother Naija All-Stars winner, Ilebaye’s promise to pay tithe, highlighting the hypocrisy in their condemnation of the reality show while remaining silent on Ilebaye’s tithe pledge.

In other news, Victoria Inyama’s fans were thrilled as she made a comeback to Nollywood, revealing her return after taking a break from the industry to find a new purpose.

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