“All Glory To God Almighty”— 54-year-old woman says as she welcomes triplets on 7th IVF attempt, celebrates joyful moments with her kids

Written by fazazy39

A 54-year-old Nigerian woman, Funmi Edeni, has become a beacon of hope for women after successfully giving birth to triplets following her seventh attempt through IVF.

Her remarkable delivery of triplets through a successful in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure has elicited an outpouring of congratulations and admiration from people online.

Funmi Edeni, alongside her little triplets, shared a heartwarming video showing her playing joyfully with her children, a moment that not only brought her immense happiness but also served as an inspiration to many who have faced the daunting challenges of infertility.

Funmi disclosed that she encountered numerous setbacks, having undergone six unsuccessful IVF attempts. However, her unwavering determination paid off with her seventh IVF attempt, conducted in Nigeria, where she achieved her dream of motherhood through the birth of her triplets.

Reactions from netizens:
@Arabinrin Iyabor commented, “Congratulations, ma’am. I am so thrilled for you. Be prepared to pay three bride prices all at once if they decide to get married on the same day. Congratulations.”

@Akwaugo Akwaugo added, “God bless your husband for the support and patience he has shown you.”

@Brandon noted, “I’ve come to understand that in life, no one should give up on trying. Things change when the time is right. You inspire me immensely.”

@nkgadi expressed, “The same God who blessed you will see me through. I’m 43 years old with no child.”

@Rosemary praised, “This woman is genuinely inspiring! When I look at her, I see a woman of faith, a woman who refused to give up! Blessings, ma’am.”

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