“Mainland people are too local” – Bobrisky shares bitter experience

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian crossdresser Bobrisky shared a distressing encounter from a recent visit to the mainland.

According to the self-proclaimed “mummy of Lagos,” Bobrisky went to the mainland for a video shoot on behalf of a lady but had an unpleasant experience.

In a now-deleted post, Bobrisky recounted that upon completing the video shoot, he returned to find over 1000 local individuals surrounding his car, recognizing him, and demanding money.

Bobrisky offered them N500K to share, but they insisted on N2 million. As the situation escalated, Bobrisky called the police, and 20 officers promptly arrived at the scene, fully armed. The presence of the police caused the local individuals to disperse in haste.

Bobrisky also mentioned that before dispersing, the local crowd damaged one of the side mirrors on his 2022 Land Cruiser. He expressed his frustration, describing the mainland residents as unsophisticated and poorly behaved.

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