“A Poor Man Fighting A Rich Man Will Only Diisgraaced Himself, I Left Everything To God”– Muyideen Says As He Dance For Freedom At Last (Video)

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Muyideen has also come out to speak for himself few hours after Pastor Gabriel Agbala has cause a buzz on social media.

He revealed that a poor man fighting a rich man will only disgrace himself and he has left everything to God.

He went ahead dancing for freedom at last that God has vindicated him in a mockery way.

Watch The Video Below;

Tawtevic2 wrote: Who are those sponsoring this man??? Hmmm!  It’s obvious they want to pull AD down, and they used his favorite. We shall see.

Bumzieevents_alaga wrote: When I first heard this  story all I said  was oree ni iwon. Someone might be using this guy against him. It is well

Theprincess_nikky wrote: If you don’t think about the first day this man has helped you, and you allow some people to use you against him, God will judge you.

Otunba121 wrote: One thing am sure of is muhydeen will come back to beg🤦‍♂️D ones pushing him now won’t be dere for long 😏

Star_planets_sports Wrote: MUYIDEEN what are you talking about.  You seem to have forgotten where you were picked from.  Now you’re making videos.  Hide your face my friend.

I_am_mamazee wrote: Hmmmmmmm!!! Ore ni won. Someone is behind muyideen attitude. Who are the ones that open an account for him on TikTok just as at yesterday? Who are the ones talking underground when he’s doings all this recent videos? Who are the ones that set camera saying, this’s not the time for him to talk’…. It is well ohhhhh bcos this issue na seasonal film ohhhh, not going to end soon

Hype_frosh_jago wrote: Something is fishy 😢 so sad this thing is becoming very hard for agbala gabriel, some people want his downfall using this man has a bait and surely he will conquer them

Sax.prophet wrote: I honestly cannot believe the comments I’m seeing here . How myopic can people be in their thinking . So because a man is doing good on camera makes him a good person? Smh

King_femisnow wrote: Na who carry u comot for road,me**SS up,if you are helping people also,don’t take control of their lives and don’t be a lord over them,mind who you help.

Watch The Video Below;

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