“Yes, I’m An Iingrate, You Can Even Add It To My Name”– Muyideen As Finally As An Iingrate To His Name (Video)

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Muyideen has been trending on social media for few days since his encounter with pastor Gabriel Agbala over his freedom.

He revealed that people are calling him an ingrate which he accepts it and he his ready to even add it to his name because it’s a good name for him which he appreciates it so much.

Many Nigerians are angry with him for speaking out of turn and not appreciating the person who brought him out of obscurity.

Read some social media reaction below;

Hantropecom wrote: Guy no matter wetin this pastor did wrong to you,bro you 4 just remember where this guy brought you from.always be grateful to people that stood their ground for you

Mumboiz1 wrote: I don’t blame him at all, I blame people that will support him just to get back at Àgbàlá Gabriel…. Gbogbo eyin lọ tí yọ tán

Kelglobalsolution wrote: Let’s all be calm I believe there is more to this if Muyideen can boldly come out this way , never in support of him but I really wish he could tell side of his story before calling him ungrateful soul . He should just spit whatever that he’s hiding instead of all this drama here and there .

I_am_sholla wrote: Is just that we are yet to understand muhideen and the exact point he is trying to prove. He lacks manner of presentation.

Shacckurr wrote: I love the fact that you demanded your freedom regardless of the so called benefits from agbala Gabriel… but you clowning around on social media is highly disgusting

Korede_code wrote: Gbeyin buruku looo, you sef wan turn online werey again, dropping video every seconds. Rederede

Ahronky wrote: Muideen you better.take time I saw ur vedio Dat you claim pastër Gabriel want to kpai you hmmm o de beru oloun,,choose ur Words carefully not to land in prison,ur ppl will not cautiion you now,but wen d moG take a step about defamation of character dey will start yarning ru..ish

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