“My best friend of 8 years and my boyfriend are expecting a baby” – Dumped lady cries out

Written by fazazy39

In a heartbreaking revelation, a woman has learned that her boyfriend had an affair with her best friend of 8 years, resulting in her best friend’s pregnancy.

The devastated lady took to the internet to share her heart-wrenching story and seek advice from the online community.

She explained that she had introduced her best friend to her boyfriend, considering them the two most important people in her life. The trio had shared many enjoyable moments, completely unaware that her best friend and her boyfriend were having a secret affair behind her back.

She shared that on one fateful night, her boyfriend’s incessantly ringing phone led her to discover text messages and photos that showed her boyfriend and her best friend in compromising situations.

To make matters even more painful, her best friend of eight years is now pregnant with her boyfriend’s child, and she’s at a loss about what to do. Watch her emotional account below:

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