Pastor Gabriel settles Flght between Aunty Ramota and her ex-manager, Iya Bayo after she accused her of running away with her money

Written by fazazy39

Popular Ibadan-based clergyman, Pastor Gabriel Agbala, has successfully mediated the dispute between the well-known small-sized actress, Aunty Ramota, and her former manager, Seriki Aro, also known as Iya Bayo.

Aunty Ramota had previously reached out to Pastor Agbala Gabriel, seeking assistance to complete the construction of the house her late mother had started before her passing. During their conversation, she revealed her accusations of financial misappropriation by her ex-manager, Iya Bayo, who she alleged had run away with her hard-earned money to build her own house.

In a spirit of reconciliation, Pastor Agbala Gabriel invited Iya Bayo to Aunty Ramota’s mother’s house during his visit. After a heartfelt and emotional discussion, Aunty Ramota and Iya Bayo managed to find common ground and settle their differences.

Naijalegit had previously reported that Aunty Ramota cried out to her fans and Pastor Gabriel Agbala, seeking assistance to complete her late mother’s unfinished house.

In a viral video, Aunty Ramota approached her fans and Pastor Gabriel Agbala, a renowned pastor and humanitarian, to request support in completing her mother’s house. She explained that the land had been acquired by her late mother before her passing, and she needed help to complete the house. She also took the opportunity to express her gratitude to those who have supported her financially over the years.

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