“Stop accu$ing Naira Marley and Sam Larry, we now know who kiII Mohbad “- Man says

Written by fazazy39

A Nigerian man has made a plea to stop accusing Naira Marley and Sam Larry for the death of Mohbad, asserting that the real suspects are those who were with him after his show at Ikorodu.

He claimed that Mohbad’s wife and friends, who were with him when he left his show in Ikorodu, are responsible for his death. According to him, there was a fight at home, and Mohbad got injured but was not given immediate medical attention.

He further revealed that they waited for a nurse to come from Cotonou to treat him, and only then did they think of taking him to the hospital. The man emphasized that Naira Marley and Sam Larry are not responsible for his death and urged people to stop blaming them.

Naijalegit previously reported that a businessman, who had promised to pay Mohbad’s wife ten million naira if the DNA test confirmed that the singer’s son, Liam, was actually his, claimed that she had refused to answer the phone and stated that no DNA test had been performed.

In a recent video, the man shared that he had attempted to call his wife in the morning, but she didn’t answer, and when she did, she hung up. He argued that, contrary to common belief, no DNA test had been conducted and questioned how the DNA sample of the late singer had been obtained and whether his wife had genuinely provided her DNA sample for the test.

You can watch his statement in the source video.

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