“Where do I start from now, my 700m house is gone”- Actress Kiitan Bukola cries out over her house demolition

Written by fazazy39

Actress Oloruntimilehin Abosede Bukola, popularly known as Kiitan Bukola, expressed her distress on Saturday regarding the demolition of her home in Oyo. The distraught actress, Kiitan Bukola, went live on her Instagram page, alleging that her house was being destroyed by the Federal Government Development.

She emphasized that the house being demolished was valued at over N700 million.

In her post, she expressed her deep distress and wrote, “Nigeria has finally happened to me 💔. It is well, I am mentally drained 🥲🥲.”

Previously, Actress Bukola Kiitan had received congratulations from fans and well-wishers when it was reported that she had completed the construction of her house in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State. While many commended her on this achievement, some raised questions about how she had built the house so quickly.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, the actress had explained that she had endured a lot before becoming a homeowner. She had joyfully shared, “I feel so happy because it is a dream that finally came true. I had been praying for it for a long time, and I have finally achieved it. The house was not given to me by any politician or anybody else for that matter.

There were people who supported me, but I built it with my sweat. I consistently spent whatever money I had (no matter how little) on the building project. I started building the house in November 2019, and it was completed in October 2020.”

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