“Only Bella Has Concrete Evidence At Hand Including Phone Chat And Everything He Went Through”– Poco Lee Finally Speaks Out, Reveals His Phone Conversation Is With Bella Shmurda

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Famous Nigerian dancer Poco Lee has broken his silence for the first time regarding the tragic passing of Mohbad. Taking to his Instagram page, he revealed that he recently had a conversation with Bella Shmurda, a close friend of Mohbad, who shared some crucial insights about the singer’s untimely demise. This suggests that there might be undisclosed details and alternative perspectives surrounding the situation.

Poco Lee emphasized that Bella Shmurda is the sole individual who truly comprehends the challenges Mohbad faced. Bella confided in him, disclosing that Mohbad had been appearing in his dreams, visibly distressed. This revelation offers a glimpse into the emotional toll Mohbad’s experiences may have taken and how they continue to impact those close to him, particularly Bella Shmurda.

Additionally, Poco Lee conveyed that Bella Shmurda mentioned Mohbad’s long-standing struggle with self-esteem, which had plagued him even before his passing. Mohbad had doubts about his ability to release music and questioned whether people would listen to him. This revelation sheds light on the internal battles and insecurities that the late singer may have grappled with throughout his career.

Poco Lee has hinted that Bella Shmurda is gearing up to share his side of the story, implying that there may be undisclosed aspects that will soon come to light. The notion that “the truth shall prevail” suggests that there could be unresolved or hidden facets of Mohbad’s life and passing that will eventually be revealed.

Poco Lee expressed, “Bella is the only person who truly understands what Mohbad (RIP) went through. Just finished a call with Bella, and he mentioned that Mohbad has been appearing to him, visibly distressed. Bella also revealed that Mohbad had long-standing self-esteem issues, even doubting his ability to release songs and questioning if people would listen to him. Without going into detail, Bella is preparing to share his perspective, and it seems the truth will emerge.”

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