“Toyin Abraham I go drag you to anywhere, It’s better you pay my money” — Popular Chef calls out actress Toyin for Purchasing her food and refuses to pay

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A chef, who goes by the handle @tinugrills, expressed her disappointment on social media, alleging that Toyin Abraham had not paid for a meal she had prepared upon request during a meet and greet event in Ilorin for her film “The Ghost and the Tout.” This incident took place five days before the unfortunate passing of Mohbad.

In a separate context, on the X app, Toyin Abraham offered her condolences and called for justice in the wake of Mohbad’s death, aiming to aid the healing process.

The chef cited Toyin Abraham’s tweet, apparently seeking attention to their unresolved matter, saying, “Toyin alabosian, you better pay my money.” This statement seemed to agitate the actress, who promptly blocked the chef on the platform. The chef, in turn, became upset and vowed to provide evidence the next morning.

Earlier today, the chef took to her account to share her side of the story. She explained that on October 8, 2021, Toyin had ordered a meal for herself and her team, including “2 liters of Jollof rice, 2 liters of fried rice with turkey wings, totaling around 40k, although she couldn’t recall the exact amount due to the passage of time.”

According to the chef, Toyin Abraham had thoroughly enjoyed the lunch and assured her that her boss would get in touch to settle the bill, but no one had contacted her thus far.

The chef further asserted that Toyin Abraham and her management reached out after she made the post. Toyin claimed she couldn’t remember such an incident, called her a witch, and requested that she delete the post. The chef refused to do so until she received compensation.

A user on the platform, @larmmy, expressed strong support for the chef, alleging that the renowned Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham, had also attempted a similar situation with a friend, claiming that she orders from vendors under popular issues and fails to pay.

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