How many of you fight for Mohbad when he was alive – Yul Edochie Bl@$t Nigerians, celebrities mourning singer’s d€@th

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Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has issued a challenge to Nigerians and fellow celebrities in the wake of the sudden loss of musician Mohbad.

In a lengthy post on his social media page, the actor pointed out that the same group of individuals had been bullying him for over a year because he chose to marry another wife. Yul Edochie shared that he had endured insults and bullying for more than a year over a personal decision that did not concern anyone else, despite understanding the reasons behind his choice.

Yul questioned whether these same individuals who are now calling for justice had ever stood up for Mohbad while he was alive, instead of using his name to generate traffic on their pages.

See his post below;

Fans and followers expressed their opinions on various social media platforms. While some of the actor’s fans supported him, others criticized him for making someone else’s tragic death about himself. Here are some reactions:

ochonmaarukwe commented, “Enjoy your personal decision, I hope it works for you. How’s life? I used to have a lot of respect for you, but look at your life now. May the Most High God continue to protect May’s remaining kids. Keep enjoying your personal decision; I repeat, it’s your life. I rest my case.”

official_yanki_p stated, “Please, this isn’t about you.”

teddie_doll expressed, “Please, during this sensitive period, we know you lack sense, just pretend to have some nonsense. Are you playing the pity card? Did you post a loved-up video with Mrs. Obasi, unbothered my foot.”

iam_princess_daina mentioned, “Yul says they bully him.”

softeebynature said, “Sir, you’re chasing clout! Justice for Mohbad isn’t about you; don’t make it about you! Nobody cares about the personal decision you made; we only care about how foolishly you went about it! You lost a child, and all you could think of is jumping back on social media to become a content creator, sharing nonsense about your latest achievement and making money!”

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