“All Men are scum” – Pretty bride says during pre-wedding photoshoot, reveals why [Video]

Written by fazazy39

A beautiful bride-to-be, in the midst of capturing her pre-wedding moments, emphatically asserts that despite her imminent marriage to the love of her life, she wants to remind women that caution is still warranted when it comes to men.

The radiant bride exudes confidence as she delivers this important message during her photoshoot.

In a playful tone, she humorously quipped that “all men are scum” and added a jest that they possess the uncanny ability to make a woman marry them, even if she initially had other intentions.

When someone inquired about her soon-to-be husband, she affectionately referred to him as her “personal scum,” further highlighting the playful banter in her statement.

Take a look at the responses…

@Mat7 remarked, “She’s incredibly beautiful and seems to have Igbo or Akwa Ibom/Calabar roots.”

@Emma davi421 humorously predicted, “They might have some heated arguments in the house later, as small talk can escalate into big ones!”

@Haziq Danish playfully wrote, “You two seem like a perfect match 😂🤣, quite the characters.”

@Bishop Morlife jokingly commented, “Looks like someone has found her ‘scum’ 🤣🤣🤣.”

@chinwennaocha offered a tongue-in-cheek warning, “Never get too close to a man; he might marry you and surprise you with a stranger in your belly…”

@Anibel 🌹 playfully reacted, “At first, the husband was angry and then pleasantly surprised 😂😂😂. My gender can be quite confusing, right? 😂😂😂.”

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