“Mohbad told me to tell you all to please focus on his son” Cynthia Morgan shares message from the dead

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian singer Cynthia Morgan, now known as Madrina, recently shared a message she received from the late rapper Mohbad, who has transitioned into a prophet according to her Instagram story.

In her revelation, Mohbad conveyed a message to Nigerians, urging them not to seek justice but to focus their attention on his son. Cynthia emphasized that she understands that the battle being fought is no longer just for Mohbad but for emerging artists, to prevent them from repeating the same mistakes.

Cynthia stated, “I recognize that the current struggle isn’t just for Mohbad anymore; it’s for the young artists who should learn from this. Mohbad is no more, and he has urged me to tell you all to concentrate on his child. While we can still pursue justice on the side, as I’ve grown weary of individuals like Naira Marley. Although I was never a Marlian, he told us not to seek justice and to remember his child. In his words, ‘Tell them to focus on my son.’ Rest in peace, Mohbad.”

It’s no longer a secret that Cynthia Morgan has left her music career behind to embrace the role of a prophet.

Last year, she shared prophecies concerning individuals like Funke Akindele and Wizkid. To Funke Akindele, she advised prayers for financial stability to avoid bankruptcy. For Wizkid, she called for prayers to support his mental health. Cynthia Morgan also had a message for Lagos governorship candidate, Jandor, urging him to take a clear stance or step down.

Cynthia Morgan opened up about her prophetic calling, revealing that she was born into a Jehovah’s Witness family and inherently possessed the gift of prophecy. She initially ventured into music, assuming that her prophetic gift was a mere coincidence, with the intention of embracing her calling later. Regrettably, this never transpired, leading to her withdrawal from the public eye.

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