“Older Love Is Sweet Joor”- Reactions as big boy flaunts his older white lover online

Written by fazazy39

A viral video captures a Nigerian big boy dancing and proudly showcasing his older white lover, sparking a flurry of reactions across social media platforms.

He shared passionate hugs with her while he danced with some of his friends in the room. His chubby white lover enthusiastically joined in the dancing while seated.

Many people bemoaned the trending rate of younger men from Africa dating older white women for the sake of a green card.

See reactions below:

Deslilym said: “The woman is really pretty. But what’s with African men and old women? Y’all have low self esteem to the extent that you can’t even woo a young white lady?”

Don wayne asked: “All this one no even concern me but what if this woman no wake up the next morning?”

Godwin_Dgenius said: “Congratulations my man, only him know the kin wahala him don escape”

Mrs Znga wrote: “Sometimes I pity these lonely white women🥹 but again, they having fun😂”

Alabiszn_ noted: “Gutter behavior. I’ll never marry an old woman for a green card 🤮 I’ll rather stay in my father’s land”

Olamide wondered: “Is there a specific reason for this fear or hesitation that Nigerian guys have when it comes to approaching Nigerian girls, instead preferring to pursue older American women?”


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