“Please Take Good Care Of Mohbad’s Child”- skit-maker Cute Abiola says as he visit Mohbad’s mother

Written by fazazy39

The well-known comic actor and politician, Lawyer Kunle, often referred to as Cute Abiola, paid a visit to the late Mohbad’s mother at her residence in Lagos State to offer his condolences and support.

Lawyer Kunle shared that the immediate priority is to facilitate reconciliation between both the mother and father of the late Mohbad. This reconciliation, he believes, is crucial before Nigerians can collectively seek justice for the situation.

Many have expressed appreciation for Lawyer Kunle’s efforts in reaching out to both parents simultaneously, aiming to bring about a resolution.

Cute Abiola further explained, “If we truly seek justice, Mohbad’s dad and mom need to come together and unite on this matter. I met with the mom, and she shared a lot. She mentioned that she hasn’t been with the dad for approximately 15 years. I haven’t been posting much about this; I’m so exhausted! I’ve been reaching out to the family, both the father and mother. This is not the time to discuss Imole’s assets.”

He emphasized the importance of achieving justice for Mohbad and the need for his parents to unite for this cause. Cute Abiola acknowledged that both parents have been contacted and will eventually come together to pursue justice.

Cute Abiola concluded by stating that anyone involved in Mohbad’s demise would not escape justice, using the hashtag #JusticeForMohbad.

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