Youth corps member proposes to fellow corps member he met at NYSC camp, marries her months later

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A youth corps member sparks discussion by proposing to a lady he met at NYSC camp during her Community Development Service (CDS), and months later, they tie the knot.

It was revealed that they met at the NYSC 21-day orientation camp and he took their relationship to the next level by proposing to her just several weeks later during her CDS.

Surprisingly, the youth corps member, still unable to be without the fellow female youth corps member, eventually married her just a few months later.

Couple of videos showing the moment the lovebirds got engaged and celebrated their marriage have been made available online.

Many individuals have also stormed the comment page of the post to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

Anthony Seraphine586: “Hmmm 33k plus 5k my brother no turn her to lord of the rings o, congratulations lv grace found u.”

Queen_Toriah: “Moral of the story try to camp o……Congratulations.”

Oliveth: “Who be those yeye boys wen Dey pick money. Na dem Dey feed girls for Mami market for camp.”



Replying to @Marvey 🦋🦋

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I went to NYSC camp with the intention of serving my country and going back to my father’s house.. not knowing God has already kept my husband there…thank u Jesus #NYSCcouple#tiktokgoviral#fyyyyp

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Replying to @Anthony Seraphine586 dont be quick to judge.. make una still dey view previous videos b4 u talk

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