Voluntary church cleaner trends following dedication to keeping premises clean

Written by fazazy39

A video of a young congregant, who voluntarily dedicates himself to cleaning the premises of the church he attends, has gained traction on the internet, garnering attention for his dedication and service.

A video circulating on social media depicts a member of Zion Ministry church voluntarily cleaning the premises while the service is ongoing, showcasing dedication and commitment to maintaining cleanliness within the church community.

The man was observed with approximately seven trash cans strapped to his body as he meticulously went about the church surroundings collecting plastics and other disposables.

Although some criticized his role within the religious institution, attendees of the church disclosed that the young man fervently performs the task as his voluntary contribution to the Lord’s work.

chomyychoco penned: “See this guy oo😂😂😂 for Zion.Yyes I know him, He’s OK in terms of mental health, He’s just helping to keep the environment clean Very funny guy😁 Na just money him never get.”

silas__dice quizzed: “But wait why are Christians always like this 🤯🤯.” noted: “I think 🤔 maybe the church celebrated something 🤔 that resulted to this clean up because I can’t imagine this big waste in a church on a normal day.”

travis_gilen noted: “You don’t have to eat this fucking much in the church.”

somtycolognes stated: “THIS IS A VOLUNTARY SERVICE! He’s not suffering! Jeezz! Other people do his too! I do too! I pick dirts after service!
He sings and makes it fun! That’s why people like him and sometimes films him! It’s not deep!”

Watch the video below …

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