“Who Will Buy Food For Me Now Or Give Me Money To Feed My Family”- Sisi Quadri’s Uber Driver Mourn His Death, Visits His Grave With Tears

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Olaniyan Oluwatosin, the Uber driver of the late Nollywood actor Tolani Quadri Oyebamiji, also known as Sisi Quadri, remains in a state of shock following the untimely passing of the beloved movie star.

Olaniyan Oluwatosin, the late Nollywood star Sisi Quadri’s Uber driver, has expressed shock at his demise. 

In an emotional post, she revealed how she went to the deceased’s home and saw his grave, meaning they won’t see themselves again

She also admitted that the movie star had been of great help to her aside from driving him around the city 

She recalled the moments she shared with him and wished she spent more time with him before he passed. She could not believer he was dead until she got to Iwo, Osun state, where the deceased was buried. 

Aside from being his driver, she is also an actress and the actor helped her get paid for certain jobs she did. They also shared a cordial relationship as they stayed in the same hotel space at times. He added that she has not been herself since Sisi Quadri died. 

In her word

“Boda mi Tolani, your Uber driver is here. I got to your house today but I saw your burial ground, I saw your daddy, and I couldn’t hold my tears. Tola, who do I drive? Who do I buy food for? Who do I call for ginger in my next production? Who do I push to PM to collect my hotel and feeding allowance? 

She recalled the time she ran to another hotel with him and the lessons he taught her while he was still alive. She said: 

“Who do i run away with to another hotel? You taught me to always use my brain, I couldn’t believe anything until I got to Iwo. If I had known checking on you in room 121 would be the last time, I would have spent enough time with you. I’m not myself boda mi Enibi as I used to call you. I love you but God loves you most. Rest well Irawo.” 

Check out Olaniyan Oluwatosin’s post on the late Sisi Quadri in the video below:

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