“100% Talented”- Very Creative Lady Bake A Beautiful Cake that Looks Like A Gas Cylinder.

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It’s impressive to see the creativity of an Ibadan-based baker who crafted a cake resembling a gas cylinder, gaining praise on TikTok for her baking skills.

Such innovative creations often capture the attention and admiration of social media users.

The attention to detail, including accessories like a POS machine, in the cakes adds an extra layer of creativity to the impressive baking skills displayed by the Nigerian baker.

It’s fascinating to see such unique and intricate cake designs gaining recognition online.

The bright yellow color of the cylinder cake certainly added to its visual appeal, capturing the attention and admiration of many netizens. Creative details like this contribute to the uniqueness of the baker’s work.

Her words: “I started my business in 2020. It wasn’t easy, though. I faced a lot of challenges while trying to build my brand. Trying to get customers here and there. I’m thankful for how far God has brought me, and I’m still looking forward to more progress.”

Ajagbe Omolola Olaitan’s ability to create the cylinder cake in just a few hours speaks volumes about her efficiency and skill in the baking craft. As for the cake’s price, Olaitan has chosen to keep it a secret, adding an element of intrigue to her creations.

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Reactions to video of cylinder cake

Sista_jemietu said: “Please, I want you to create a mad person cake for me. Where can I locate you? Next week is my ex birthday so I want to present him.”

Brownexia commented: “I thought it was a real cylinder o. Wow!”

Horlayinka said: “If you thought she’s painting the cylinder at first gather here.”

D_Dunnee said: “You are gifted in this profession no doubt. Take your accolades girl.”

TEE_LUXURY said: “This is big creativity.”

Famousbeauty commented: “I want this cake for my birthday o.”

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