“Something Is Wrong Somewhere With Him”– Ijebu Cause Massive Stir has he share video of eating 8wraps of fufu and two wrap of Eba (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

It sounds like Ijebuu is celebrating the new year with a big wrap of fufu! How do you usually celebrate the new year?

Ijebu video has been receiving different kind of comments that how will someone be eating this kind of food despite how hard the country is now.

It’s not sure wether Ijebu will finish the whole set of fufu or just for a comedy sake.

His fans has revealed that something is wrong somewhere with him because how can u be eating 8 wrap of fufu and two wrap of Amala at the same time.

Ijebu who is currently doing his new comedy series alone has been using different kind of format for his series but he his gradually gain ground on social media.

Watch the video below

See how fans reacted to Ijebu eating video below

Big_thizzy001 wroteThis egbon dun smoke loud 😂😂 nothing una fit tell me 😀😂.

Bukolasmartalli wrote😂 I swear I don’t understand this man again ooo se fe pa wa ni 🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅😅😅🤣

Temmmytayooo wrote: Ijebu, ki lo wa de bayyiiiii? Fufu mejo ati amala meji, eyi o wa pooooooo ju😂😂❤️

Ikeoluwapo777 wroteWhat’s all these again? Aduru onję yi, kilode!😂😂😂

Bimzforte wrote: With this kind food odun has tura for you make e tura for me too🙏

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