“Church is the worst place to marry, you deceived the guy” – Isreal DMW’s friend drags Sheila, family

Written by fazazy39

Isreal DMW’s friend, known as Albert, shares his perspective on Isreal’s marriage breakdown, accusing Sheila of deception and using the logistic manager for fame.

The public airing of grievances between the celebrity logistic manager and his wife unfolded recently, with both parties engaging in a public exchange of harsh words.

In a video, Albert firmly supports his friend, Isreal DMW, highlighting his ex-wife’s attempt to control his life, mocking his association with his boss, Davido.

Albert vehemently criticizes Shiela Courage for allegedly using her church persona and claiming virginity to manipulate her husband in her pursuit of fame. He doesn’t spare criticism for Shiela’s parents, holding them accountable for contributing to the breakdown of the marriage.

“Sheila, Isreal’s yahoo yahoo wife! That dude was ready to settle down and have a future with you. You used virginity and church level to package and deceive the guy. The fame you desperately want, you’ve got it. You wanted to be an influencer while he wanted a home with you. For all the discomfort and pain you’ve caused Isreal, it will not be well with you. Church is the worst place to marry. Mugu, you see girl, na church girl, na church girl; olosho for street better pass those girls,” he said in part.

Sharing the video on his page, Isreal DMW emphasized how his friend warned him about the marriage but turned a deaf hear.

“Thank you Albert. You warned me then,” he wrote.

Watch the video below …

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