Congratulations pour in as actress Omowunmi Ajiboye secures a new endorsement deal.

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Congratulations are due as actress Omowunmi Ajiboye secures a lucrative endorsement deal.

The top notch actress took to her social media platform to share this exciting news as she becomes the latest brand ambassador to a prestigious brand.

She expressed her excitement and show gratitude to God and to everyone who has always supported her. 

She wrote,” I’m glad and excited to be the latest brand ambassador to KingsGold jeweler. Please fam come and patronize us🙏 , we sell real golds and diamonds 💎 Please support me and this beautiful brand as usual.God bless you all 🙏🙏🙏”.

Her exciting news resonated with her fans and industry peers alike,who are celebrating her talent and congratulating her for this latest achievement.

See her post below;

Naijalegit previously covered that actress Omowunmi Ajiboye provided additional details about her relationship with MC Oluomo, the Chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), during a recent discussion with the anonymous controversial blogger Gistlover.

Contrary to swirling rumors and speculations, Omowunmi Ajiboye clarified that her association with MC Oluomo was purely based on professional collaboration and friendship.

The actress disclosed that she invited MC Oluomo to an event, and a day before the occasion, he generously gifted her money to support the event.

The revelation comes amidst rumors and insinuations that there might be a romantic involvement between Omowunmi Ajiboye and MC Oluomo. 

However, the actress was quick to address the speculations, emphasizing the platonic and supportive nature of their relationship.

She shared her conversation with Gistlover which read: 

Pls we need to talk

Greetings to you Gistlover

The past few hours have been from one nightmare to another, I’m restless and hurt

You’re an ambassador of peace and discipline which I’ve always respected over the years

I’m not here to defend anything but to give more clarity on your previous posts

I’m a virtuous and hardworking woman everyone knows, I have a family name to protect and my personality means a lot to me, you can’t imagine how painful it is for me to do things right from my sweat and you’ll write to give glory to MC OLUOMO

After I went on a seal date with K1 I had to go to MC OLUOMO as the Pioneer of our CGI to give him an invitation to the party, he acknowledged and promise his appearance which I appreciate Of course he is a philanthropist which everyone knows and that alone gives him more respect and honor which we all give back im to repay his good

This man has his own family too, how do you want the wives to react to me when such news occurs, as a woman i hate emotional bully and false accusations of course we’re not perfect but the sanity in us will give us more light to wrongs and right which I can boldly say I’m a moral teacher through my movies Yes I invited hirm to my party and a day to the event he dashed me money to support in the presence of the

organizing committee, and that’s the only contribution he made to me before. the event, he also came to the event and pay his respect which everyone of the planning committee appreciated alot,

my family also the general public which prior to my post captions of course! must commend his good deeds and also appreciate his support because he does also to everyone who has a chance and access to him regardless of celebrity or not, so by this he knows nothing about how K1 was invited to oshogbo for the party, God is my witness OBA

was really caught up by words and wrong captions about him and I want to make it clear to the general public that he doesn’t know where I stay nor pay for my rent or due all these are blatant lies and false accusations. You can decide whether to make this public or not I’m just not comfortable seeing people creating unnecessary tags to my name have been building for years, imagine when my kids will grow to see these old and false stories how do I defend this to them that my hard work has been the secret to my success i must confess I’m really baffled about this and I just hope this will clear some space in the air… And if I’ve come here to make false impressions let God Almighty judge me

The above are all the messages she sent to Gistlover without any reply from the faceless Blogger.

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