Drama unfolds as thief is made to lift heavy weight as punishment for stealing

Written by fazazy39

A young thief faced a unique choice after being caught in the act: prison or lifting a heavy weight beyond his capacity.

A circulating video on social media captured the moment when the thief was given the option to showcase his strength as an alternative to imprisonment.

The young man, appearing famished, received encouragement from a crowd of Sierra Leoneans who insisted he lift a locally made weight as an alternative to involving the police.

Despite multiple struggles and nearly falling to his knees, he eventually managed to lift the weight.

Reactions trailing thief made to lift heavy weight in Sierra Leone

Pettybigbaby said: “This video is too sad, he looks obviously starved. Omo😔.”

spiekey opined: “I prefer this jungle justice to the burning one. He’s apparently hungry and should be rehabilitated. God help us.”

wesside100 stated: “I wasn’t comfortable watching this, someone could easily suffer a severe injury or even die from how he was lifting the weight and swinging it around . If that thing fall for person leg bro !?”

badManhussein_ noted: “Drugs and lack of fitness can do this to you. This guy is almost breathless from trying to lift half his body weight. Incredible 😭.”

Watch the video below …

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