“He Surprise me, I thought he’d cry!” – Bride shocked as she sees her dad dancing and partying hard on her wedding day

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A bride’s surprise at her father’s surprising dance movements on her wedding day is captured in a video that went viral and had viewers laughing and feeling warm-hearted.

The bride shared the video, which shows a moment that went against convention.

The bride was in for a surprise when, instead of the emotional walk down the aisle with her father, her father started doing hilarious and captivating dancing steps that left everyone in attendance smiling.

Rather than the expected tearful transfer to her husband, the father seized the chance to show off his dancing prowess, transforming the somber event into a cheerful festivity.

The video captures the father’s sheer delight and excitement as he boogies down the aisle, seemingly unfazed by the traditional solemnity of the event.

The bride, stunned by her father’s unexpected behavior, jokingly remarked that her dad seemed more thrilled to be “getting rid of her” than shedding tears at giving her away.

The infectious energy and unexpected dance moves of the father resonated with many viewers, with the video racking up flurry of comments.

Users have flooded the comment section with laughter and heart emojis, expressing their delight at the father’s unique and heartwarming reaction.


Netizens Reactions…

B ekee reacted; “My dad no go laugh sef,or cry,or dance he’ll sit like he was forced to be there.”

Olasunmade said; “Finally she’s no longer my responsibility vibes.”

Theappleofgodseyes wrote; “Lmaooo I didn’t see my uncle cry. He was the life of the party.” 

Hardufeh commented: “Daddy was so happy to send you off.”

Teju_sophia wrote; “He was like bye Felicia.”

Sadia Kasha said; “The way my mum want me to leave her house.”

Seyifunmi said; “Man was excited.”

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