Nollywood actress Wumi Toriola opens up about her single life, expressing her willingness to be a second wife if the right man comes along.

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Nigerian actress Wumi Toriola expressed her openness to considering a second marriage, emphasizing that her happiness is the priority.

In a recent interview with media figure Debbie Shokoya, Toriola, a single mother, mentioned her shift in mindset, stating that she used to resist the idea of being a second or third wife.

Now, she’s willing to marry an “after-one” like herself or a widower, emphasizing the importance of her own happiness in the decision.

Toriola asserted that many men hesitate to approach female celebrities due to a misconception that they exclusively seek wealthy partners.

However, she clarified that this stereotype doesn’t apply to all actresses. Toriola challenged the common belief that affluent men are the sole contributors to actresses’ luxurious lifestyles, emphasizing that most actresses have earned their money through hard work.

Naijalegit noted that Wunmi Toriola, who got married in 2018 and welcomed her first child the following year, shared on her Instagram page in 2023 that her four-year marriage had come to an end.

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