“This Is Too Much Now, Try To Consider Her Too”– Nollywood Actor Ayoola Olaiya Come Under Heavy Criticism Over His New Video Online (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actor Ayoola Olaiya faced significant backlash for a video he posted on his Instagram page.

The video showcased his new movie titled “Kole,” scheduled to air at 6 pm today on Yorubapremium.

The video is facing intense scrutiny due to the nature of the scene depicted in Ayoola Olaiya’s performance.

In the video, a stunning lady was seen washing her clothes by the river when Ayoola Olaiya unexpectedly approached and embraced her from behind.

This sparked various reactions in the comments section, with many urging him to be mindful of the content he portrays, emphasizing that not everything should be treated as mere entertainment, especially involving interactions with women.

Watch The Video video below;

Check out how people responded to the video below Ridwan_lukman7:

Ridwan_lukman7: Can’t you tell me in real life you’re not that way… please, try writing a film we can learn from.

Ayankoso_helen: Do you have a more inspiring script? Something uplifting, perhaps?

Iamdupsybaby: Give us a better story, please. This love and romance theme is getting old.

Hiffyz: Nigeria Jamebone, I know you excel in a different role… you’re doing well, bro.

Azym_yinkosha: If you pass away today, it’s likely the girls will be the cause. 😂 Just finished watching an interesting movie, only you in this role? 😂

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