“This is so spiritual” – Man cries out after finding huge creature in his car (Video)

Written by fazazy39

In a intriguing video shared on TikTok by user @claytonconner13, a man discovered a large creature, seemingly an owl, inside his car.

The clip captured the owl perched on the driver’s seat, wings spread, and fixating its gaze on the man. A woman, accompanying him, observed the owl from the other side of the car.

The mysterious presence of the owl sparked diverse reactions on social media. Some viewers perceived it as a foreboding sign, while others interpreted it as a positive omen.

The video triggered debates, echoing the historical and cultural significance of owls, which have been seen symbolically as both bearers of wisdom and good luck, as well as omens of impending events, including death.

Watch the video below:

Here are some reactions from the comments:

  • Cammie525 expressed concern, stating, “😩 Owls are a sign that death is very near. Call everyone you know & check on them.”
  • Ally shared her fear, saying, “I would’ve passed out. Owls terrify me 😂.”
  • Priscilla Johnson recounted her grandmother’s belief, mentioning, “My grandma hated owls. She said they are evil/witches.”
  • User3170105675455 expressed love and compassion, commenting, “Awwwww I love owls, he’s probably injured 🥹.”
  • LifeWithYvette provided a positive perspective, noting, “Owls symbolize inner wisdom, change, transformation, intuitive development, good luck, and self-actualization.”
  • Krystal Anderson suggested a spiritual interpretation, saying, “You’ve just encountered your spiritual animal guide sir. Have fun seeing owls now for the rest of your life everywhere..dreams, etc. Mines a snake 😭.”
  • LovelyLadyLeo expressed honor and admiration, stating, “Owls are mythical creatures, and I wouldn’t be scared. I would be honored 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰.”

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