Sanyeri proudly announces his entry into the world of blogging, declaring, “I’m now Agba Blogger.”

Written by fazazy39

Sanyeri, the Nollywood comic actor, is expanding his horizons beyond acting and embracing the world of blogging.

He recently shared a video on his Instagram, announcing his new role as a blogger, proudly adopting the title of “Agba Blogger.”

Despite fans speculating about Portable’s venture into blogging due to his video shares, he confirmed it himself.

Sporting a national cap often associated with Iyabo Ojo, he boldly declared, “Ma lo go AGBA BLOGGER NI WON SO ✌️✌️ Sanyeri Lowanbe 🔥🔥🔥🔥 OTilo 🤣🤣🤣.”

Watch The Video Below

Check out the comments below

Brainboss070: Blogging about Yoruba movies, huh? 😂

Arolesauce: If you blog about me, expect a call from my lawyer 😂.

Abdu_samad_247: I’m the real Olaniyi Afanja 😹.

Walebracket: Is he smoking loud in Qatar? 😂

Bokooflaylay: Tribal marks or a job offer? 😂 Sanyeri claims to be an “Agba Blogger”!

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