Man shares glowing transformation of baby he found dumped by roadside in 2022

Written by fazazy39

A man in Nigeria who adopted a baby he discovered abandoned by the roadside in 2022 has now revealed her latest transformation.

In June 2022, Ben Kingsley Nwashara discovered the 2-year-old in Agbani, Enugu, where she had been abandoned.

He embraced parenthood, taking the responsibility of caring for the little girl. On Wednesday, he posted a recent photo of her in school uniform on his Twitter page.

She appeared grown-up and radiant. Ben Kingsley Nwashara shared that he hurriedly attended her school’s open day to be part of her educational journey.

“I left work early to make it to the school Open Day.

I had no idea such a thing existed until now. 😂😂”

See his post below:

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