“Which Kind Customer Be This” – Video trends as man buys furniture with 4 Ghana must go bags filled with N5 and N10 notes (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

A Nigerian man, known as Chulo_wayz, recently gained attention on the internet as he visited a furniture showroom with four Ghana must go bags filled with N5 and N10 notes.

On his TikTok page, Chulo, known for his extravagant spending using lower denominations of Naira currency, visited the showroom with the intention to purchase chairs.

In the viral video, Chulo informed the store attendant that he intended to pay for the furniture pieces he had selected.

The store attendant appeared surprised as she noticed the Ghana must go bags, which were carried by some assistants, were filled with N5 and N10 notes.

The man instructed her to count the money so they could select the chairs they wanted and complete their transaction.

The woman at the shop expressed her concern, explaining that it would take her a long time to count the money, given the large amount of lower denominations. She suggested that the man take the money to the bank, but he was determined to make a furniture purchase.

Watch the video below:

Here are some reactions from social media users who watched the video:

@Ismail Temmie Habeeb commented, “When I was young, we usually talked about uncountable money. Now I understand the uncountable.”

@immor remarked, “1 bundle is just 7 cedis here.”

@Mayokun jokingly said, “This is what they call frustration money.”

@IDRIS suggested, “Everything might not even add up to 300,000.”

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