“They said I’m not slim enough,Haa Until I Be Like Broom,” – Pretty lady cries out after being rejected by modeling agency (Video)

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A slender and attractive Nigerian woman shared her frustrations online after facing rejection from modeling agencies.

In a TikTok video posted under the username @crisnwana, she expressed her disappointment as several modeling agencies told her that she did not meet their criteria because she wasn’t thin and tall enough.

She said, “I’m not a model because they said I’m not what they want. I’m not thin enough and not tall enough.”

Social media users quickly reacted to her revelation, expressing confusion and disbelief over the modeling industry’s body standards.

Many praised her beauty and slim figure, questioning why she was being denied opportunities when she appeared to meet conventional beauty standards.


What really do these agencies want? Watch till the end #model #modelscout

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Here are some comments from social media users:

@Charlesdprimordial commented, “You see am for road just corner am abi u know am before.”

@Queenli shared, “They told me the same thing too when I was a model, but see me now, I’ve gained weight.”

@BlackBarbie stated, “They want someone who can disappear; that’s why they say she’s not thin enough.”

@Chibuzophotography suggested, “She can easily be a beauty model, with no stress! And I bet she doesn’t have a portfolio; can you tag her?”

@FavourVictorY mentioned, “I had to lose weight until my agency was fine with it. Since then, I’ve always been sick.”

@Mzposh speculated, “Maybe they can’t even afford to pay her, and because she’s perfect.”

@YoureA_Wanker shared, “I’m 5’10”, and they said I’m not tall enough.”

@ODEGAARD suggested, “Maybe she refused to compromise to bring herself into the spotlight. She’s gorgeous.”

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