“stop spreading fake news, I never build house, I am still hoping on God,”- Veteran actor Ogogo reacts to rumours that he acquired a new

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Nigerian veteran actor, Taiwo Hassan, also known as Ogogo, has addressed the ongoing rumors on social media claiming that he recently purchased a new house and is promoting a job offer or giveaway in the UK.

In a statement, Ogogo categorically denied both allegations and urged people to disregard these unfounded claims.

He emphasized the importance of distinguishing between genuine information and social media rumors in an era of widespread information sharing.

The actor assured his fans and followers that he has not acquired a new house and is not involved in any job or giveaway offers in the UK.

Ogogo took to his official social media account to address the situation. He stated,

“Beware ⚠️ Beware ⚠️⚠️ Beware ⚠️⚠️⚠️ It has been drawn to my knowledge that a news and job offer has been making waves on social media. Firstly, I would like to debunk the congratulatory news of a new house. Neither am I sponsoring any giveaway or job in the UK. Please disregard, and help me share. Obviously, it’s a social media age, and these little things matter. Thank you. Modupe. As the birthday wishes go on, let’s be careful.”

Ogogo urged people to be cautious about spreading unverified information on social media and clarified that the rumors regarding a new house and job offers were false.

See his post below:

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