“Who gave you my number don dey find partner” — Netizens react to viral video of prayer conference for singles

Written by fazazy39

A video capturing a significant gathering at a singles prayer conference has generated quite a buzz on the internet.

The video depicts a sizable crowd, with some individuals lying on mats while awaiting the commencement of the conference. This gathering of singles was not restricted by gender, as both males and females were present, although the female attendees outnumbered the males.

While the practice of seeking a life partner through prayer conferences has faced criticism from some Nigerians, it was evident that many attendees remained undaunted by these concerns.

The event was organized by Zion Ministry in Lagos, and here are some reactions from the attendees:

  • @yhettyqueen1_ pointed out that both genders were present, preempting any gender-related arguments.
  • @don_marrtyynz expressed surprise that such events still take place, accompanied by laughing emojis.
  • @FunmiKolz commended the dedication of those attending such gatherings and prayed for their desires to be granted by God.
  • @dotboyswag humorously suggested that someone in attendance might be trying to find a partner by asking, “Who gave you my number?”
  • @oluchi_prudence highlighted the irony in people within marriages praying to exit, while those who are single pray to enter, commenting that life is not always balanced.
  • @UncleClinton_ questioned the concept of a single prayer conference but recognized that people should do what works for them.

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