“I Don’t Know The Reason Why My Father Disowned Me And My Brother Till Now”—Hilda Baci opens up on how she was disowned by her father

Written by fazazy39

Hilda Effiong Bassey, who is known as Hilda Baci, delved into the complex dynamics of her strained relationship with her father, who ultimately disowned her. The Guinness World Record holder shared in a recent interview on the “Tea with Tay” podcast that the root of her discord with her father, Effiong Bassey Edem, stemmed from his abrupt absence from her life.

Hilda explained that her father had been an active presence in her and her siblings’ lives since their childhood. However, this changed after a heated altercation between him and her mother had a profound impact on the children.

What deeply hurt her was her father’s sudden departure, particularly because she and her older brother were on the verge of completing their university studies.

Hilda expressed her bewilderment over her father’s decision to cease funding their education, considering that he had supported their academic pursuits from nursery school through secondary education and the early stages of their tertiary education.

She vividly recalled a heart-wrenching moment when she reached out to her father to discuss her educational expenses. To her astonishment, he answered the call and effectively disowned her over the phone by adopting an “I’m not your dad” attitude.

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