“We Share a Common Bond” – Visually Impaired Man Ready to Marry Woman with Similar Special Needs.

Written by fazazy39

Raphael Chukwu, a disability rights advocate, made a surprise announcement about his upcoming marriage to Marian Ossai, a visually impaired woman.

In a Facebook post, the native of Ebonyi mentioned that their wedding was hastily arranged and took place just one day after their initial meeting.

The businessman and poet posted pictures of himself and his future wife on Facebook, tagging her in the photos. In a heartwarming moment, they posed together, both holding their mobility canes.

According to Raphael, Marian possesses the necessary skills and perfectly meets his criteria. He described her as an attractive and active woman, emphasizing that she is his ideal match. Raphael also confirmed that Marian has willingly given her consent to the marriage.

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting a remarkable blind lady named Marian. I believe she’s the perfect match for me. What Marian and I share is our blindness, as evident in the attached photos where we both hold our guide canes. I apologize for not extending wedding invitations to any of you; this was a spur-of-the-moment decision. Our marriage is an impromptu one, as Marian and I only just met today and decided to marry each other. Tomorrow, I’ll share a video that details how Marian and I crossed paths, helping you understand what brought us together.”

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