“Na loan I collect to buy the phone”- Man cries in pain after buying iPhone 15 only to discover fufu inside (Video)

Written by fazazy39

A Nigerian man experienced sheer anguish when he found fufu inside his expensive iPhone 15, which he had purchased at Computer Village.

In this age of the latest iPhone, the iPhone 15, a prosperous young Nigerian attempted to join the “geng” but ended up losing his money.

Eager to own a pristine iPhone 15, he visited Computer Village in Lagos, only to be astonished when he opened the box and found carefully packaged fufu, creating the illusion of a phone’s presence.

The man could be seen displaying the contents to onlookers while expressing his dismay.

Various reactions have poured in.

xpensive_fatima expressed, “I know Computer Village isn’t a reliable place, but please give us some respect on this app.

ekesonmoney_ quipped, “Haters will claim it’s staged… (yes, I’m the hater).

dianejohn4luv commented, “I might just set Computer Village ablaze after this, seriously.

manlikezillyy asked, “Who do you all think you’re fooling on this app?

officialkilow humorously added, “Only soup is missing now.”

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