Man secrætly captures Mohbad’s wife’s chatting with her new lover in court room, shares video

Written by fazazy39

A TikTok user created quite a buzz by sharing a video of Mohbad’s wife acting in a courtroom. The video, posted by @khiff_18, featured the late Mohbad’s wife dressed in a black gown with a headscarf, seen engrossed in her phone.

This video quickly went viral on TikTok, sparking various reactions from users.

Internet users expressed their views in the video’s comments section. Some raised questions about the young woman’s use of her phone during court proceedings and why the video was shared initially.

They argued that using her phone may not necessarily indicate disrespect or wrongdoing. In the midst of this debate, many online users defended Mohbad’s wife, suggesting that there could be legitimate reasons for her phone usage in the courtroom.

@Zi NoN expressed sympathy, saying, “I feel sorry for Wunmi.”

@Ade Suwa noted the conflicting opinions on her actions, saying, “If she looks up, you say she looks up, and if she looks down, you say she looks down.”

@anikeade reacted critically, suggesting it wasn’t entirely her fault, “It’s not all her fault, I swear it’s a death curse.”

@PRINCE @_CHINEDUM speculated on potential suffering if she’s responsible for her late husband Mohbad’s death, “Wunmi will suffer if she’s truly the one who killed her late husband Mohbad, I swear.”

@adeotikenny emphasized the seriousness of the situation and the challenges she might be facing, “You people don’t even know what she might be going through. Husband’s death is not a joke, ask me, hmmmm.”

@Blessing sule oyiza questioned if she should stop using her phone altogether, “So she shouldn’t use her phone again?”

@ifeola099 pointed out the scrutiny she faces, “There is nothing she will do at this moment that you people will not use against her.”

@Pretty expressed empathy, “I feel for her. Only God knows what she is going through.”

@Chinenye _Nwa206 urged others to focus on their own issues and leave her alone, saying, “Y’all should just focus on your problems and let this girl be.”

@AYO MIDE A made a somewhat cryptic comment, “Make her dance?”

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