“I Never Anticipated Reaching this Achievement”: A 61-Year-Old Woman Creates History at UNILORIN by Earning a PhD.

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A 61-year-old Nigerian woman has accomplished the remarkable achievement of earning a PhD degree from the University of Ilorin, Nigeria (UNILORIN).

This determined woman, who originally requested enrollment at the age of 20, expressed that she never expected such an accomplishment. Dr. Mosunmola Kudirat Ariwoola serves as a powerful example for anyone who may feel they are past their prime or disheartened by life’s challenges hindering their goals.

In an exclusive interview with Legit.ng, she shared her journey of achieving this monumental feat against all odds.

Dr. Mosunmola Kudirat Ariwoola shared her remarkable journey, revealing that she embarked on her educational path at the age of 20. With gratitude to Allah for the realization of her academic achievement, Kudirat, who now holds a PhD in Educational Technology, admitted that she had never envisioned reaching such academic heights. She explained that during her upbringing, female education was not a top priority, leading her to return to her hometown and commence her education at the age of 20.

Her words reads:

It was a journey I undertook on my own when I traveled back to my hometown and requested enrollment in a school at the age of 20. I lacked external motivation or encouragement, but I possessed a clear sense of purpose, and I persevered.”

Dr. Mosunmola Kudirat Ariwoola Shares Her Triumph Over Challenges

When questioned about how she conquered the obstacles on her journey to obtaining a PhD, Kudirat credited her success to unwavering determination and her support network. She expressed her excitement, saying, “Frankly, my determination brought me this far. Pursuing a Ph.D. is an arduous and demanding endeavor, especially for someone of my age. However, my strong will, determination, and the support I received from my children propelled me to this level. I must give all praise to Almighty Allah because without God, this achievement would not have been possible.”

Dr. Mosunmola Kudirat Ariwoola Advocates for Women’s Empowerment and Gender Rights

Kudirat finds great fulfillment in finally holding a PhD and has a message for women worldwide. She advises,

“My message to women is that there are no limits to what you can accomplish. However, you must be diligent, focused, and prayerful. I grew up in a time when female education was not a priority, but I never allowed that to hold me back. Furthermore, there are no deadlines for aspirations. Whatever your dreams may be, you can begin working towards them at any age, especially for women. We should emphasize the need for equal rights and empowerment for women, particularly in education and skills development.”

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