“The Yoruba tribe where Mohbad came from only know how to shout , after shouting they move on” – Nigerian woman says

Written by fazazy39

A video has emerged featuring a Nigerian woman criticizing the Yoruba tribe in the context of the late singer Mohbad’s case. She expressed the view that the Yoruba tribe tends to make noise without taking effective action to achieve results.

Using the case of Mohbad as an example, she voiced her disappointment in the calmness of those who claimed they sought justice for Mohbad, particularly within the Yoruba tribe and the Yoruba celebrities who initiated the justice for Mohbad’s cause.

She drew a comparison between her own tribe and the Yoruba people, suggesting that if it were in Anambra or Benin, they would not tolerate such an injustice and would take matters into their own hands to ensure justice rather than relying on the police.

Part of her statement reads, “The Yoruba tribe, from which MohBad came, tends to be vociferous. However, after their loud protests, they tend to move on. If it were my tribe in Anambra or Benin, when they treat our own this way, chaos would erupt.

We wouldn’t be waiting for justice from the police. How can you claim the CCTV in Mohbad’s house is broken? If the Nigerian police can provide the suspects, we would perform a traditional cleansing ceremony. This matter can only be resolved through traditional means.”

Watch her speaking in the video below:

In a related development, the online personality and social media activist, Verydarkman, has called on the Nigerian police to take necessary action by apprehending the late Mohbad’s wife, Omowunmi Aloba.

Verydarkman contends that Mohbad’s wife possesses crucial information regarding the circumstances of Mohbad’s demise. He asserted that Mohbad had been unwell for two days and desperately needed medical attention. However, instead of seeking immediate medical help, his wife opted to leave him at home and called a nurse from Cotonou.

Verydarkman disclosed that on the day when Mohbad’s friends were spotted in a car, announcing his death, Mohbad’s wife was present in the same vehicle but remained silent. Instead, she took to social media to express her grievances.

In his words, “At this point, the Nigerian police have to arrest Mohbad’s wife. How can it be that a celebrity who was continuously harassed had CCTV cameras in his house, yet they were never connected? It’s nonsense.”

You can watch his statement in the video below:

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