“I can see some viewers taking it so personal, Weldone. That’s what we signed up for”- Iyabo Ojo speaks on her character on Real House wives of Lagos

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian actress Iyabo Ojo has acknowledged the strong reactions her character on ‘The Real Housewives of Lagos’ television series has generated among viewers. She commended the audience for their passionate engagement in a recent statement.

Since its debut, “The Real Housewives of Lagos” has become a sensation, with viewers closely following the lives and dramatic interactions of the cast. Iyabo Ojo, who plays one of the leading ladies on the show, has received both praise and criticism for her character’s storyline and behavior.

In her statement, Iyabo Ojo offered her perspective on the audience’s reactions:

“I can see some viewers taking it so personal, well done. That’s what we signed up for 👏, but be calming down 🤣😂.
Facts!!! In my real life, cameras won’t follow me around… meaning my real life can’t be edited. If I want to call friends, hang out, celebrate an achievement, travel out, or plan a staycation, it will be with my close friends, family, and loved ones ❤️.
With that being said, the show is indeed not scripted, but we’re given guidelines that are being situated and edited to suit a narrative that will help engage and entertain our dear viewers and fans.
We can’t all play the victim, enabler, or peacemaker; the show will be boring now 😂🤣. This season 2, I’m a Valuance child, I signed up to be the villain on the show, so I know it will come with a lot of dragging like I better pass my neighbor 😅😂🤣🤣. You will drag till you tire because it’s only episode 4 of season 2 you’ve seen. Am I the villain in all the remaining episodes? That I can’t reveal 🤐. You have to watch the show to find out 😁.
Am I friends with all the Real Housewives… NO. When we meet outside, we say hello, hi, to each other & move on. Life is not so hidden; it is what it is!!!
The train matter was part of my own strategy. I expected the dragging 👌🏽. On a normal day, I will never ever step on anyone’s train except maybe by mistake, 🤣😂😅?
Even that same day, once the cameras went off, I apologized. Even at the beach house, I apologized again.
See all these things I am saying now, I shouldn’t be saying until after the show because it will water down the show ooooo 🙈.
Now!!! The only reason I’m addressing this is that I can see some people who have decided to compare a show, where 7 ladies were contacted and paid to come together to form friendships, show lifestyles, show families, and give a bit of drama to entertain and engage you all, to a real-life situation of a young artist (Mohbad) who passed away, and I’m seeking justice for…

Don’t worry, this Mohbad’s case I will follow to the end; I won’t do another one again. Allow me to drink my water and drop the cup… #RHOLagos season 2.”

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