“Very gorgeous baby” – Video of 11month-old child with facial hair sparks reactions online (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

A remarkable video featuring an 11-month-old child has surfaced online, sparking a range of mixed reactions.

In the video, the 11-month-old boy, about to turn one year old, has caused a stir on social media due to his facial hair.

Such a situation is exceptionally rare in children, let alone in an 11-month-old boy. The video showcases the baby crawling with a head of hair resembling that of an adult, complete with facial hair extending to the level of a beard and mustache.

Despite looking like a fine adult capable of having a girlfriend, the baby is still in diapers and at the crawling stage.

The video captures the moment the 11-month-old child is being fed with his bottle of water, leaving many viewers in awe as the facial hair on the little baby makes the clip appear almost unbelievable to them.

Watch the video below:

Here are various reactions from social media users:

kush_zero: “Lil bro has more facial hair than me and Big Wiz.”

shalomdfirst: “Why is he looking like an elderly man? 😭 in his late 40s.”

chonsautos: “You haven’t been born yet, and you want to type what’s on your mind 😂😂😂, I’m laughing at you… 😂😂😂😂😂😂.”

favourhoj: “Your minds won’t stay grounded 👀.”

_peaceful_baddi: “You, too, should express what’s on your mind, please lol. He looks more like Aunty Ramota’s cousin, hmm.”

chrismariolifestyle: “He should already be a member of peace talks in Gaza 😂😂.”

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