“They Are Real Gee”— Fans Says As Nollwood Actor Olamilekan Ayinla Agbaye And His Colleagues All Eat Together Inside Black Poot

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actors, including Olamilekan Ayinla Agbaye and his colleagues, have captured the attention of their fans as they share a moment of togetherness by dining from the same pot.

A trending video on social media showcases these popular Yoruba actors enjoying a meal of fufu together, leaving their fans in awe of the camaraderie they display.

Fans showered the actors with praise and used love emojis to express their reactions online in the comments section. It’s worth noting that a few weeks ago, a similar group of actors was spotted eating eba at a different location, but this time, they’re enjoying a meal of fufu together.

The post is captioned: “Food Gives Good Strength.” You can watch the video below for more.

Here are some social media reactions:

Azee.money: “I saw one of your posts where you were eating eba, and now it’s still eba. You really love eba, don’t you?”

Babatope_oluwaseunfunmi: “Let the poor breathe 😢😂.”

Lekanybnl: “Brother Lekan, you’re crazy 😂😂😂❤️.”

Officialnogorking94: 😂😂😂😂😂 Awon Omo lile.

Laylow4ril: “Ajoje mandun oo.”

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