“The autopsy is taking too long, police should release his body, we need to do DNA for Liam because of future reference”- Mohbad’s dad laments

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Mr. Joseph Aloba, the father of the late Nigerian singer Mohbad, has expressed his frustration over the delay in receiving the autopsy results. He also voiced his concerns about conducting a DNA test on his grandson, Liam.

Joseph Aloba lamented the extended duration of the autopsy process and urged the authorities to expedite the procedure or take the necessary samples and release the body for burial. He added that Mohbad has been appearing in the dreams of various individuals.

Furthermore, Joseph Aloba emphasized the importance of conducting a DNA test for his grandson and insisted that it should be done in his presence to confirm the child’s true paternity.

Mr. Joseph Aloba expressed that the controversy surrounding a DNA test for Mohbad’s son has gained nationwide attention in Nigeria.

In his words, “The autopsy is taking too long. I didn’t anticipate such a delay. The police should promptly collect the necessary samples and release the body for burial. The DNA test is an absolute necessity. It is being requested by people all around the world. I am from Ikere-Ekiti, and we don’t accept illegitimate children in our family. The DNA test must be conducted in my presence. It would be a matter of pride for me if Liam is confirmed to be Mohbad’s son because he is the only child he left behind.”

He emphasized the importance of determining the truth for the sake of the future, not wanting the deceased to blame him for accepting the child without proper verification. He stressed that the DNA test is essential and necessary. Mr. Joseph Aloba also mentioned that many people have reported seeing Mohbad in their dreams, and he believes that proper burial is urgently required for closure.

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Naijalegit had previously reported on how the late singer Mohbad’s father, Mr. Aloba, revealed the story of how his son met his wife, Wunmi, at Naira Marley’s Marlian Music label.

Mr. Aloba explained that the two had known each other from a young age in Oke-Iletu, Ikorodu, Lagos, before reconnecting at Naira Marley’s label. He added that the lady, Wunmi, was a student at the time.

However, he clarified that there was no romantic involvement between them before they reconnected. To support this, he referred to the lyrics in Mohbad’s 2020 song “Komajensun,” specifically the line “Naira lo gbe omo fun mi, I’m not a womanizer,” which explained how Mohbad reconnected with Wunmi at Marlian Records.

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