A 20-year-old female student of Uni Ilorin has kiII herself after she lost N500k to an online lover.

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Tragedy struck the University of Ilorin community in Kwara State with the unfortunate demise of a 20-year-old female undergraduate, Sanni Hameedat.

She reportedly took her own life after falling victim to a scam in which she lost N500,000. The university’s management stated that she ingested an insecticide as a result of the immense pressure caused by her distressing experiences.

According to reports, Hameedat was participating in her SIWES (Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme) program when the tragic incident occurred.

The University of Ilorin community in Kwara State has been deeply saddened by the tragic loss of a 20-year-old student, Sanni Hameedat, who took her own life after being scammed of N500,000. According to the management of the private hostel where she resided, the cause of her suicide was linked to financial misappropriation.

Hameedat had been entrusted with a substantial sum of money by her mother. She befriended a person on Snapchat and, when he claimed that his mother was suffering from breast cancer and urgently needed N500,000, she compassionately lent him half of the N1 million intended for her mother. The young man pledged to return the borrowed funds. However, he abruptly cut off communication and blocked her when her mother requested the money’s return.

This distressing situation left Hameedat in profound despair, leading her to seek loans from various mobile applications to cover the missing N500,000. She managed to collect N450,000 from loan apps and contributed her savings of N50,000 in an attempt to repay the borrowed amount.

The University of Ilorin management also disclosed that the female student, Hameedat, had consumed a bottle of the pesticide Sniper the night before the tragic incident.

Her roommate, who had retired to bed early, woke up in the middle of the night and found Hameedat in a distressed condition. Alarmed, the roommate immediately sought help, and Hameedat was swiftly rushed to the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital (UITH). Tragically, she was declared dead upon arrival.

The Dean of the Student Affairs Unit and the Head of Corporate Affairs at the university were unavailable for comments due to their participation in a convocation ceremony. However, the Student Union President, Ologundudu Adesunkanmi, confirmed the incident and endorsed the hostel management’s account. He emphasized that the university community had lost Hameedat in a deeply distressing manner and that a thorough investigation into the matter had been initiated.

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