“At this point, police have to arrest Mohbad’s wife”- Verydarkman

Written by fazazy39

Online personality and social media activist Verydarkman has called on the Nigerian police to take action by apprehending the late Mohbad’s wife, Omowunmi Aloba. Verydarkman asserts that the wife possesses crucial information regarding the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s demise.

According to Verydarkman, Mohbad was unwell for two days and desperately needed medical attention. However, the wife chose to leave him at home and sought the services of a nurse from Cotonou.

Furthermore, Verydarkman disclosed that on the day Mohbad’s friends were seen in a car announcing his death, his wife was present in that same car but remained silent. Instead, she resorted to venting on social media.

In his words:

“At this point, the Nigerian police must arrest Mohbad’s wife. How can it be that a celebrity who was consistently bullied had CCTV cameras in his house, yet they were never connected? It’s nonsense.‘”

Watch him speak below;

“Naijalegit previously reported that VeryDarkMan, a prominent social media analyst, has responded to a video featuring veteran actress Fausat Balogun, also known as Madam Saje, endorsing a brightening bath soap.

Madam Saje had previously shared a video where she endorsed a brightening bath soap product. In the promotional video, she showcased the soap while highlighting its potential to brighten the user’s skin.

Reacting to Madam Saje’s promotional video, VeryDarkMan expressed concerns that she might be promoting a beauty product that lacks the necessary standards. In his strong-worded post, VeryDarkMan alleged that Madam Saje had been involved in endorsing a brightening bath soap without a NAFDAC registration number after conducting an investigation.

He captioned the video with ‘Women don dey shed skin like reptiles now 😫😫 who Dey change mummy skin.'”

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